SKB037(A) Stainless Steel Metal Frame Patient Transport Trolley

* Separated into two parts: stretcher and trolley
* 200kg limit loading capacity
* Flame retardant, yellow resistance, mildew resistance, bending resistance, 100,000 times wear resistance 
* Flame retardant,4 cm thickness, high-density foam,density 30 kg/m3
* Panasonic Robotic ensure 360° full smooth welding
* The stretcher surface made by plywood and spong
* The main frame used high quality S.S. with the Mirror surface polishing.use Φ25mm round stainless steel tube
* 5’covered caster. Advanced protection universal brake wheel, easy to move, simple to operate, reliable performance
* Debris plate (chrome plated steel)
* Stainless steel I.V pole, diameter Φ16*1,load capacity: 15KG
* Oxygen bottle rack (stainless steel)