M Series® monitor/defibrillator

The Zoll M Series Defibrillator provides everything you need for cardiac resuscitation. This defibrillator/AED includes easy-to-use defibrillation, external/noninvasive pacing and advanced monitoring capabilities. Additionally, the Zoll M Series offers pulse oximetry, capnography, a robust data collection system and a summary report with printer.

With intuitive, beginner-friendly controls and a Field Emission Display, the M Series Defibrillator is easily accessible to whoever is operating the unit. One of the standout features of the Zoll M Series Defibrillator is the Error Correction feature, which provides helpful prompts for corrective actions during use.

The Zoll M Series Defibrillator is one of the smallest and lightest defibrillators in its class, making it the premiere choice for all resuscitation situations for hospital or EMS use.