GB8c Orthopedic Physiotherapy Traction Bed

Important Quality Control
* ABS guardrail, can be raised and lowered, convenient for patients to go to bed, meet safety standards, provide patients with a comfortable and safe experience
* ABS bed head, detachable, easy to transport and install”
* Baosteel from Fortune Global 500
* Environmental plastic can be sterilized in 100°C,tensile upto 30MPa
* Solid bed base made of 5.0mm stamped rotating plate, sturdy and smooth running
* Central control brake system, good structural design, easy operation and durability
* Panasonic Robotic ensure
* 360° full smooth wedlding
* EN60601 Safty Standard
* American motor, with UL/ROHS/EN standard. Noise under 50dB, with lifetime 20,000times movement.

* 5 Functions
* Aluminum alloy traction frame, which can adjust the longitudinal, lateral and height positions in all directions, and can accurately adjust the most comfortable posture of the patient.


Accessories Details
* Ten-piece bed, more fit to the human body, ergonomic, patient comfort
* Secure® castors

* Pass Dynamic test: Bearing 120kg run 30KM and pass obstacles 500time
* Plastic drainage hook, movable
* Full SS IV pole, bearing 5kg