Zoll’s AED3 BLS is the smart, ready, and reliable AED for rescuers trained at any level. This device is made to simplify defibrillation and CPR, so rescuers can focus on their patients’ wellbeing. The AED3 BLS is programmed with Real CPR Help®  technology, which provides real-time visual and auditory feedback for chest compressions. Zoll is a frontrunner in CPR technology, and this device is able to assess both rate and depth of compressions, ensuring that CPR is AHA compliant. The AED3 BLS also includes Uni-padz™, which are one-step electrodes that work on adult and pediatric patients alike. This technology is accompanied by an intuitive LCD touch screen that displays relevant patient information.

The battery life of this device is three to five years, and the battery status will also be reported on the screen, ensuring that your device will be ready to work whenever you need it. To transfer patient data down the Chain of Survival, or to conduct post-event reviews, all data is easily transmissible between devices and patient care teams over WiFi. Zoll’s AED3 BLS is the device that helps rescuers save more lives.