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Horizontal Electrophoresis

The MultiSUB Choice offers a wide degree of versatility. Three tray options are available; 15 x 7cm, 15 x 10cm and 15 x 15cm  – allowing the choice of one, two or all three gel length options at the time of purchase. Further purchases of additional accessories are no longer required. Maximising comb and tray options allow up to 210 samples to be resolved per gel. The 15cm total run length allows restriction fragment or other close MW sample bands to be easily separated and identified. Speed loading is accomplished using 10, 14, 16, or 18 sample multi-channel pipette compatible combs.

Fabricated MultiSUB choice stretch units are available with optional 15 x 20cm and 15 x 25cm gel trays and four 28-sample combs for those researchers wanting to perform higher resolution separation of more samples over a longer distance. MultiSUB Choice Trio includes all 3 tray sizes for optimum versatility and value.

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Is a self-contained, easily deployable benchtop device designed to run and analyse up to five independently addressable MinION or Flongle Flow Cells, providing flexibility and scalability.

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Disposable TPE Tourniquet

Used in blood collection to control blood flow in hospital or clinics. Is comfortable & safe to Patient and Doctor.
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Sharps Container

Sharps disposal containers are made from rigid puncture-resistant plastic or metal with leak-resistant sides and bottom, and a tight-fitting, puncture-resistant lid with an opening to accommodate depositing a sharp but not large enough for a hand to enter.



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Stool Containers

Designed to collect and store solid or liquid samples,including food,medicine,urine and feces,opaque containers ideal for photosensitive samples or when it is required not to show the content.

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Urine Container

Is a disposable container used for collecting Urine samples and can be used to collect other type of samples. The screw-caps ensure a leak resistant tight seal.

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Specimen Transport Bags

The specimen transport bag is made of high quality LDPE material  for durable yet flexible strength.

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